LEDs offer brighter future

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have for many years been used as indicators such as red standby dots on TVs. At first, they were available only as a red light source, and their output was too low for general illumination. As the technology developed, other colours became available and the lamps became brighter, so LEDs found other roles in a wide range of appliances and equipment.

Now, a new study by the UK’s Energy Saving Trust has shown that LED technology can dramatically improve the brightness, colour and distribution of lighting in social housing communal areas.

Not only that, but it can deliver huge energy savings (up to 90%), and reduce long-term costs and maintenance, while making residents feel safer.

Credit: The Energy Saving Trust

The study measured the performance of 4,250 LED light fittings installed at 35 sites. The authors of the report calculated that the LED fittings saved over 3.4 million kilowatt hours (kWh) each year when compared with the previous systems – equivalent to lighting 5,800 average UK homes for a year with traditional lighting.

Residents commented that their buildings felt safer, more secure and more pleasant because they were better illuminated. The light was fresher, brighter and more like daylight.

With spiralling energy prices, the high efficiency of LED lamps will make them a very attractive investment in the future. It is predicted that the technology will dominate the commercial and domestic lighting markets by 2015.

You can download the full report at the Energy Saving Trust website here: http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk (PDF).

Credit: The Energy Saving Trust


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