A permanent base on Mars by 2023?

A Dutch group – Mars One – has announced plans to establish a human settlement on Mars in 2023.

The project is being led by Bas Lansdorp, a researcher from the Netherlands with a Masters in Science from Delft University of Technology. The plan is to send food and other supplies to the planet by 2016, then after several stages land humans on Mars for permanent settlement in 2023.

At first glance, this project appears to be extraordinarily optimistic in terms of timescale, but let’s see what happens. There have been many surprising developments in space travel of late – such as Planetary Resources’ plans for asteroid mining, Space Adventures offering lunar tourism, the world’s first commercial spaceport, the launch of Falcon 9 by SpaceX, Russian and Japanese plans for Moon missions, and a revolutionary new rocket engine.


3 Responses to “A permanent base on Mars by 2023?”

  1. Frankyboy Says:

    As a Dutchman i can say that behind the appearant stoicism, an effect of being betrayed by 10 years of Eurofile, self-denying politicians, there is still the soul of the hard-working , visionairy, optimistic entrepeneur and curious scientist in many of us.
    Perhaps we can do what others neglected to doin the last 40 years.

  2. Brandt Says:

    Hilarious. It’ll never happen by then. Perhaps if we stop destroying ourselves we might reach Mars in 100 years. Perhaps. We haven’t gone back to the moon in over 40 years. Space technology is in a period right now – and that period is called the period of FAIL.

    • Frankyboy Says:

      Dear Brandt,

      Keep in mind that it is not really a matter of technical realizability as well as political will.
      For example when a government orders for a highway or some other large infrastructural object to be build, the original promised costs ALWAYS end up multiplied in the end and the timescale is almost never met.
      Why? Because a government doesn’t feel the hurt of the exceeded time and cost, they just send the bill to the taxpayer.
      While on the other hand, when a large company orders the same hell breaks loose when the contractor doesn’t meet up to it’s expectations and agreements.
      When i watched the movie ”Mission to Mars” back in 2000 i was a little dissapointed when they placed the timescale for a first manned expedition to Mars to 2020, as in the movie.
      Damn, 20 more years of waiting! , was my response.
      Since then a lot has changed for the bad and some government officials are speculating about the early or mid 2030’s , some even about the 2050’s or even later.
      So, yes, 2023 is very optimistic but when i look at the exponentional progress being made thanks to people like Elon Musk, Burt Rutan and Chang Diaz i think it is possible.
      Entrepeneurs can perhaps make the dreams come true that the politicians just have stopped dreaming about.
      The technology is already available or is in the proces of reaching the test state.

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